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2018 Calendar

31st January 2018
Status: provisional
Goodwood, West Sussex
17th February 2018
Status: open
Spaces: (10/40)
Silverstone GP
19th March 2018
Status: open
Spaces: (6/45)
Cadwell Park
Louth, Lincolnshire
16th April 2018
Status: provisional
Croft-on-Tees, North Yorkshire
15th June 2018


Benefits of MGs on Track Membership

We've agreed a number of benefits for MGoT members with various companies.  Please see below for details of the offers including how to order, or click on the partner's logo to link to their web-site.
 MGs on Track Clothing:

Lands' End, a quality casual clothing merchant can embroider any garment with the MGoT logo.  Further details, including how to order, can be found here.
 Track  Day  Equipment:
   supply the Hedtec Rapido and Xtreme helmets which MGoT hire out for track days. Both conform to Snell 2010 so are likely the most future proof and economic purchase you can make.
Everything else on their site is pretty keenly priced too. Simply click on the above link and follow it through to helmets or browse their wide range of products.

Gould Autoplate and Signs Ltd. supply our MGoT branded track plates.  See what the plates look like and how to order here.
15% off CG Lock - a device that claims to make your lap belt provide about 80% of the “holding power” of a full harness.  More details here.

Headcase Europe can supply MGoT branded helmet cases for 30% less than the standard unbranded item!  See here for ordering details.
 Car Preparation

15% off all AVO products!  See examples of MGF, MGB and MG Z products here.
Peter Best Insurance can provide track day cover alongside their normal 'Abingdon' road car policy.  See here for details.


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