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31st January 2018
Status: provisional
Goodwood, West Sussex
17th February 2018
Status: open
Spaces: (10/40)
Silverstone GP
19th March 2018
Status: open
Spaces: (6/45)
Cadwell Park
Louth, Lincolnshire
16th April 2018
Status: provisional
Croft-on-Tees, North Yorkshire
15th June 2018


Drivers' Reports


 A Tale of Two Beginners (or life begins at 50)

A 50 year old MGA takes to the track again after 18 years absence. Two beginners guide it around the home of British Motorsport - the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit.
Virgin Territory

Have you been wondering what it's like to take your MG or Rover on track? Read the experiences of a track day virgin, Bob Larcombe, as he takes his MG on track for the first time.
 First Time Nerves - Do I? Don't I?

Are you wavering? We have many members who are interested in track days but have not yet taken the plunge. Peter Wright was a waverer, but finally took the plunge at Brands Hatch, read about his experience.



Not Driving Can Be Fun Too!

If you're still not convinced that you'll enjoy taking your MG or Rover on track, why not come along as a spectator and see what our events are all about? You can usually grab some laps as a passenger, which is exactly what Bob Larcombe did at Silverstone and found out that not driving can be fun too!
You'll Love Cadwell
Cadwell Park is an infamous circuit in the Lincolnshire Wolds.  Jennie Stothert tells us of her experience of driving at Cadwell for the first time.  

Knockhill Shakedown
Graeme Forrester takes his "historic" spec B for an evening shakedown at Knockhill and finds out that MGs on Track events are a bit different.
Neil Fry gives us the benefit of his experience of driving this technical circuit in his MGF VVC.  
Yellow Peril
John Pycock tells us about taking his MGB, the yellow peril, around Cadwell.  

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