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Goodwood, West Sussex
31st October 2017
Status: open
Spaces: Sold Out
Brands Hatch
Fawkham, Kent
4th December 2017
Status: open
Spaces: (30/54)
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Event Information

Event Name: Brands Hatch, Monday 2nd December 2013
Event Location: Fawkham, Kent - [ View Map ]
Noise Limits: 105 db
Number of Spaces: 54
Number of Spaces Remaining: Reserve List
Status: open
Sign On Time: 07:30
Briefing Time: 08:30
Track Start Time: 09:00
Track End Time: 16:00
* Above start & end times are subject to a lunch break


MGCC Driver £ 125.00 (MG Car Club Member)
Driver £ 135.00
Add. Driver £ 16.00
Passenger £ free

Sessions (1)

MGs20 mins, 0/54 remain

Optional Extras

Helmet XL 10.00, SOLD OUT
Helmet Large 10.00, SOLD OUT
Helmet Meduim 10.00, 2/5 available
Helmet Small 10.00, SOLD OUT
Instruction 12.00, SOLD OUT
Coaching (3 sessions) 30.00, 1/6 available
Novice Instruction 9.00, SOLD OUT
* Optional Extras are sold on a first come, first served basis.

Additional Information

We still have two spare spaces at this event but automatic booking through the website is now closed due to the necessary administration.
If you would like to come along to this event please phone Tim on 07590 359485
Our traditional Season's closer at the ever popular Brands Hatch Indy Circuit. This is a three session per hour day. Sessions last 20 mins. We expect each car to have 2 hours of track time during the day assuming no stoppages. 
Once all the bookings are in we'll assign the sessions into 3  x 18 cars on the basis of experience, so that one session will be more suitable for novices, one for intermediate and one for the more experienced track day drivers.   Cars must be roadworthy and comply with current MOT legislation. You must bring your FULL driving license to the sign-on - that's the plastic card AND the paper version, or you may not be allowed on track.  
Novice Instruction
Your first session on track has a high task loading. We have a very limited first session instruction available. The first 3 laps will be behind a pace car at lower speed with free driving thereafter. The instructor will sit with you during this session and show you the way round the circuit, pointing out markers, sight lines etc. As the sighting laps are carried out at a lower speed with no overtaking, there is more opportunity to practice correct car positioning and learn the best line. Please book and pay at the same time you book your track day place.
We encourage all drivers to take the opportunity of instruction with our Association of Racing Drivers Schools (ARDS) Grade A qualified instructors. We strongly advise all levels of experience to take advantage of these, but it is especially beneficial for first time and novice drivers. Please book and pay at the same time you book your track day place.
Please note we are unable to provide more than two instruction sessions per car. Any additional booked will be cancelled.
MGoT is pleased to offer an opportunity to develop specific areas of you driving skills and so to increase your track day enjoyment. Before you spend any more cash on improvements to your car consider this. MGoT will now offer drivers, dedicated, one-on-one coaching with an ARDS instructor for your entire afternoon track time. Places will be limited and the cost is an unbelievable 30! Book and pay at the same time you book your place by selecting the coaching option.
Helmet hire
We have a small number of helmets available to hire on a first come, first served basis and these can be booked online at the same time as you book your place.
Second Drivers
You can book to bring along a second driver but we can only allow one additional driver per car. The second driver must sit as passenger during the sighting laps and then perform his own sighting laps at a lower speed during his first session on track.

Please especially note the following conditions of our track hire, over which MGs on Track has no control; all circuits are subject to local planning regulations to allow track days to take place. Over the last 12 months they have all become much more strict in enforcing these regulations. Any participant who cannot comply with these rules and is excluded from the participation in the event will have no recourse to a refund from the circuit or MGs on Track:-
1) Exhaust : The static noise test for this day is 105dbA and all cars must pass this test, in addition a drive by noise limit also applies. The drive by limit is 92dbA and is measured at various points around the circuit, a car exceeding this limit will be black flagged and must return to the pit lane. The driver will be given an opportunity to address the noise issue, fitting an extra silencer for example, but if the car exceeds the drive by noise limit a second time it will not be allowed to take any further part in the event.
2) Tyre Squeal : Any driver causing excessive, constant, or unnecessary tyre squeal will be issued with a warning. If the driver does not modify his driving and a second warning is issued then the driver will not be allowed to drive any further in the event.

Details about the day
We will e-mail an event guide with final instructions during the week before the event, please read it carefully when it arrives. This event guide will also be posted in the Forum under the Brands Hatch section.
You need to be logged in to the website to see the 'Book and Pay' button. Use this to make an online payment and secure your place. Debit or credit cards are the only payment methods that we are able to accept. Please note that payment by credit card incurs a 2.5% surcharge, as we cannot afford to absorb the charge that the credit card processing company makes.
Any questions regarding this event or bookings, email our event co-ordinator Tim Guy at 

Please remember to add your MG Car Club membership number to your website profile before booking to get the MGCC price.


You need to login to book a place, you can do this at the top of the page. Alternatively, if you haven't registered with us yet, please click on the register link above.

Who's Going?

Paid and Confirmed
Alan Brooke 1992 Rover Metro (190(ish) bhp) - Red(s)
Jim Gibson 1975 MG MGBGTV8 (150 bhp) - Flamenco
David Grant 2002 MG TF 160 (158 bhp) - Silver
Stewart Dickens 1997 MG MGF (175 bhp) - Flame Red
Paul Grant 1973 MG Midget (142 bhp) - Glacier White
Derek Porter 2013 MG 3 (106 bhp) - Red
Sidney Owens 1970 MG Midget (lots bhp) - red
Adam New 1968 MG MGB GT (120 bhp) - Red
Colin Reynolds 2005 MG TF (160 bhp) - XPower Grey
Ray Willsher 2002 MG ZR (160 bhp) - Blue
Alan Hersey 1978 MG bgt (standard bhp) - gold
Chris Guy 2003 MG ZR160 (160 bhp) - Trophy Blue
Tim Guy 2001 MG MGF Trophy (160 bhp) - Trophy Yellow
David Beatty 1978 MG MGB (100 bhp) - White
Paul Bryson 2004 MG ZR 160 (150ish bhp) - X-Power Grey
Paul Clarke 2003 MG TF (135 bhp) - BROOKLANDS GREEN
Martin Jefferson 1996 MG MGF (160 ish bhp) - Red
Simon Catchpole 1977 MG B Roadster (approx 95 bhp) - Yellow
Paul Phillips 2000 MG MGF VVC SE (170 bhp) - Wedgewood Blue
David Jeal 1966 MG Midget (124 bhp) - Nightfire Red
Steve Brand 2001 MG Trophy 160 (160 bhp) - Blue
David Melzer 1974 MG BGT V8 (137 bhp) - white
Craig Heath 1972 MG MGB GT (95 bhp) - Teal Blue
joseph knight 1984 Austin Mini (120+ bhp) - blue
Philip Espinasse 1976 MG BGT (125 bhp) - Green
Colin Carpenter 2003 MG zs (125 bhp) - blue
Colin Wright 1992 Rover 220 Gti (200+ bhp) - Silver
Mr Paul A Flack 1981 MG MGBGT (60 bhp) - Red
jonathan barker 2004 MG TF115 (115 bhp) - silver
David Birnage 1968 MG CGT (192 bhp) - Green
Philip Greenwood 2003 MG TF (160 bhp) - Trophy Blue
Martin Jenkins 2003 MG TF135 (146 bhp) - Silver
clive freeman 2004 MG TF (115 bhp) - BRG
Charles Williams 2002 MG TF160 (160 bhp) - Grey
Richard Pipe 1966 MG BGT (105 bhp) - Black
Thomas Clougher 2002 MG ZS (160ish bhp) - Trophy Blue
James Jupp 1995 MG MGF (No idea bhp) - BRG
John Robertson 1979 MG B roadster (160 bhp) - Blue
Ian Chaplin 1979 MG B Roadster (95 bhp) - Vermillion
Mark Stevens 2005 MG ZS (180 bhp) - Red
Brian Bedford 2004 MG ZS (180 bhp) - BLUE
David Strike 1970 MG GT (130 bhp) - Blue
Trevor Crout 1972 MG MGBGT (Stock bhp) - Teal Blue
Richard Atkins 1964 MG MGA (120 bhp) - RED
Steve Evans 2000 MG F (140 bhp) - Red
Nick Mitchell 1999 MG F (143 bhp) - Blue
SAUL SPRINGETT 1971 MG mg bgt (80 bhp) - red
A. J. Dewynter 1969 MG Midget (85 bhp) - White
Nicola Defriez 1976 MG MGB Roadster (95 bhp) - Blue
Peter Taylor 2001 MG MGF (145 bhp) - Tahiti Blue
Graham Cousans 2003 MG TF (135 bhp) - Blue

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