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Anyone else for Bedford ????

Discussion in 'Bedford Autodrome - 16th February' started by Gary&BVZ, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. Stu

    Stu Senior Member

    Right Lads n lasses;)

    As far as i can see it's just the following going this Saturday

    Jonny Boy

    I haven't been to Bedford before so don't know how big the garages are but i assume we can get at least a couple of cars in each so the first two there try to grab a couple of adjacent garages..

    I am leaving home at 6am so should be there 730-745..

    Looks likes my sun dance is working, fingers crossed !!

    See you Saturdays all ,Dont forget to bring both parts of your licences where applicable..

  2. Steve Hill

    Steve Hill MGoT Founder Member

    You'll be lucky to get a garage at Bedford, there aren't any! :)

    Pray for fine weather!

    You'll really enjoy the circuit though, quite unique, long and technical.

    Have a great day! ;)
  3. Stu

    Stu Senior Member

    Wot no Garages !!:eek:

    Thermals it is then...looks like its going to be a fresh start !!;)

  4. norman

    norman Active Member

    I hope it's not windy. Wide open spaces may mean that thermals are a pre-requisite.

  5. Gary&BVZ

    Gary&BVZ Guest

    I think there are some garages at Bedford ..
    I seem to remember cars using them and storing my kit in them when we did the MGoT evening event in July 2006 ...
  6. fishert

    fishert Active Member


    the last time I was there, you could not park in the garages but you could put your stuff in there out the way. Also I recall there was a free supply of hot drinks thanks to Lotus chaps.
    Will definately be wrapping up warm seen as though its on one of those exposed open old airfield sites!!
    Also when parking up, I found no-one uses the same parking space twice, seem to move around a bit as people come & go onto the track.
  7. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    It looks like I won't be able to join you all on Saturday. So, I hope you all have a great day. Here's the list I have Stu:

    John Binczyk
    Garry Dawson
    Doug Bond
    Colin Reynolds
    Ray Willsher
    David Womack
    James Doherty
    Tamsin Fisher
    Stu Dickens
  8. Gary&BVZ

    Gary&BVZ Guest

    Wyboston T/Lodge

    Any one else staying at the Wyboston T/Lodge Friday ????
    I will be arriving about 17.00 if the M25 and A1M isnt snarled up by incompetant and brainless drivers ...:(
    Looking at the road reports , the day isnt going right unless there are major holdups and 3 lanes closed ...
    Hope to make it to Bedford and see you all on Saturday ...Gary ...:)
  9. Stu

    Stu Senior Member

    I think i have now thawed out after yesterday..

    I found Bedford a rather strange featureless track although the GT circuit is very fast for sure..

    I only stayed until lunch time as my new lady was struggling to stay in the seat with the standard belts as she is only 5ft and quite petite.. so now i have to get those harnesses fitted that i've had for 6 months !! :D

    Nice to see you all again, a great start to the MGOT calendar !!

  10. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    Hi Stu,

    Yes, it takes at least half a day to learn the GT circuit, so I guess you weren't able to capitalise on your investment! Was everyone OK with the drive by noise limit?

    I wish I could have been with you all - my grandson's birthday party had higher priority - according to my wife :p

  11. Gary&BVZ

    Gary&BVZ Guest

    Hi Dave ..Well after 24 hrs we have just about thawed out ...It was bitterly cold and all wifes , girlfriends , and supporters will be calling in their Browny points and rain checks soon ..They all deserve a medal ...

    One of our ZR 160s failed the noise test on arrival but was allowed on after fitting some additional sound reducing material ...
    I was told it was wire wool stuffed into the tail pipe .
    It loked very chic ..:eek:

    I enjoy the Bedford circuits but found the GP a bit long and too many tight corners .. I think I prefer the one we used in July2006 ...

    My most embarrasing moment ???? Getting a Black Flag waved at me ...

    What was that for ??? The mind plays games ...Cant be noise ,can it ????
    OK so I out braked that last corner and the tyres sounded off ...Not that bad thought ...
    So pulled into the pits to be told by the Marshall that my friend Derek had arrived and asked them to call me in so he could hitch a ride ...:p
    I wont forget that experience for a long time ...
    See you at Silverstone ....
  12. fishert

    fishert Active Member


    It was a cold day, but at least it was dry from the start and not having to contend with early morning damp/dew track.
    It is a long circuit but there a good mixture of fast flowing corners & tight/hairpins with a very long straight and some shorter straights. I got black flagged after about 10mins of the first outing, thinking oh no I've failed the drive by noise even though on the static test on arrival it registered quite a low reading compared to other venues. But was black flagged in error.
    The car went well, and the big brakes worked a treat with being able to brake later then previously and not overcook in the process.
    One Exige driver came up to us inquisitive as to how we managed to overtake him & then pull away through the corners, but I think he wasn't the most quickest of exige drivers. James was also harassing quite a few elises as well.
    We managed 3 goes each for approx 20mins each time. Only had to queue once in the pits for a couple of minutes to wait for someone to come as there was the full quota of cars on the track at any one time. Left about 3.30 as we had used all the fuel and then it was a long drive home after a satisfying day behind the wheel.
  13. Kev

    Kev Junior Member

    Hello everyone,

    I just registered and was emailing Dave over the last few days for some advice on track days (thanks for all the help). I'm looking to get a ZR 160 early next year and was thinking its a good idea to come along not to drive, but to soak up the atmosphere and have a chat with you guys. If its possible, would it be ok if some of you would take me on some passenger laps?

    Is it a case of just turning up, hiring a helmet and looking around the pits?

    I also grasped I would need some (extra) warm clothes!

    I'll now trawl through the forums and have a good read..

    Thanks guys, Kevin Spencer
  14. terryfranks

    terryfranks Junior Member

    blue flame

    Hi every one
    New to the forum and my first car track day: but I have done a few bike track days. Anyone know if my blue flame exhaust will pass the noise test? Its road legal and will pass the MOT not problem.

  15. Tim

    Tim Senior Member

    I can't say specifically but if you'd like to find out you can hire a noise meter from book-a-track for a tenner. Just log on to their website and visit the shop.

    You probably know this but a static noise test is measured at 1metre from the tile pipe at 45 degree, at 3/4 max RPM.

    (It's very rare for an F to fail but it is still worth checking to avoid disappointment.)


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