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Anyone going to this???

Discussion in 'Bedford - Mon 31 Jan 2015' started by JOHNDQ, Dec 17, 2014.


    JOHNDQ Active Member

    Step closer to coming at last bodies are on and all seems well, be doing a road test etc Thursday to check fueling is ok etc :p if all is ok will be booking straight after work :D


    JOHNDQ Active Member

    Am i still ok to book on tonight does anyone know or am i too late :confused:
  3. NigelS

    NigelS Chairman

    Yes you can still book to attend, no problem.

    JOHNDQ Active Member

    Great thank you for reply :D Just paid up cant wait!!!!
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2015
  5. Dave P

    Dave P Vice-Chairman

    You should all have got an e-mail from Lot announcing the cancellation the the Bedford track day tomorrow:

    Apologies for this but I’ve just been informed by Bedford Autodrome that they have to CANCEL our day with them tomorrow.

    The have some snow and ice and although the temperature was expected to rise it isn’t at the moment and its not now looking likely to. Thus the safest thing to do is cancel the day.

    I’m glad they have made an early decision as I’m sure this will help most of you.

    As ever we’ve come up with a number of options for you all including a full refund

    If you could please just email back your preferred option from those below when you have time I will sort ASAP.

    1. Swap to Silverstone Stowe NEXT Sunday 8th Feb PLUS £25 LoT credit note (day is being sold for £125)
    2. Swap to Blyton Park NEXT Saturday 7th Feb PLUS £40 LoT Credit note (day is being sold for £99)
    3. Swap to Snetterton Saturday 21st Feb (day is being sold for £145)
    4. Swap to Silverstone GP Tuesday 10th March (day is being sold for £185)
    5. Swap to Bedford Autodrome GT – 1st June (day is being sold from £150)
    6. Credit note for £150

    I don't know how you are all fixed for switching to one of the alternatives on offer? Snett clashes with our day at Goodwood and the Silverstone date is our day anyway, we sell a single session to LoT. Anyone interested in Blyton or Stowe?



    JOHNDQ Active Member

    What a shame cant believe it was out till 11 last night getting car finished :(

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