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GOODWOOD October 31st 2016

Discussion in 'Goodwood - 31st October 2016' started by kent ryan, Aug 20, 2016.

  1. kent ryan

    kent ryan Junior Member

    is this venue open for booking yet please as i would like to put my name on the list thank you kent
  2. Trophy-Steve

    Trophy-Steve Senior Member

    Hi Kent,

    If you look at the EVENTS page and scroll down to your chosen venue it will either say Status: Provisional or Status: Open.

    In the case of Goodwood 31st October, it is still Status: Provisional.
    This means that no-one can book until it is Status: open.

    About a week before it is open for bookings, we send an email to everyone that is registered on our mailing list to ensure an equal opportunity for everyone to book, as some circuits sell out very quickly due to extreme popularity or limited car places.

    Please keep an eye out for your email and also visit the website on a regular basis. ;)
  3. Tim Guy

    Tim Guy Senior Member

    We have just opened Oulton for booking and are just finishing off the final details for Goodwood. I would expect it will be open within a week or two.
  4. headsman46

    headsman46 Active Member


    Hi all, am trying to book Goodwood but keep getting message saying site insecure, is it just me are others having this problem?:confused: :
  5. peter m kuruber

    peter m kuruber Junior Member

    Accommodation for Goodwood

    If any members will be staying over for this event, the Premier Inn Havant South (Langstone/A27) - not to be confused with their other one at Bedhampton - was available yesterday for the very good price of £31-50. It's a new hotel and has their in-house Thyme restaurant and is about 20 mins from Goodwood. It would be good to meet up with any other members in the bar at say 1900 hrs or thereabouts!
  6. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    Hi Colin,
    Unfortunately our security certificate has expired and we need to renew it. This may take a few days. However, there is nothing actually wrong - it's purely an admin thing. You can continue to book without problem. Your browser should allow you to overide the warning message.
    Regards, Dave
  7. mumfordj

    mumfordj MGoT Committee Member

    Peter. Thanks for your suggestion, I have also booked in at the Premier Inn Havant South (still at £31.50) so I will see you there. James.

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