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Great Day

Discussion in 'Goodwood 22nd February 2014' started by stamford, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. stamford

    stamford Junior Member

    I have to put this down as one of my best trackdays, weather was superb and so were my fellow session drivers. The ZS was excellent, after last years rebuild it felt like a new car. As the track dried out it got quicker and quicker, so much I cooked the brakes in the second to last session so experienced some judder and fade going into Woodcote which isn't ideal! Especially when clocking near on 125 down Lavant Straight. I called it a day after that ;)

    Some fine examples on track and in the pit area, a credit to you all.

    The only negative being the amount of parked cars blocking pit box access during the day didn't help, but that's a minor so other than that a very good day. Well done!:D
  2. NigelS

    NigelS Chairman

    Glad you had a good day also (I thoroughly enjoyed my day as well). Everyone I have spoken to today seems to have really enjoyed the day at Glorious Goodwood, so a good result then!:cool:
  3. Gary&BVZ

    Gary&BVZ Guest

    Couldn't agree more .. The friendly atmosphere at a MGOT track day is the best there is ..
    I disposed of most of my garage clear out and also blagged a ride in an Austin Healey 3000 .. Something I had wanted to do for 50 years ...
    Now what sort of day could be better than that ...
  4. Richardd

    Richardd Junior Member

    This was my first track day, absolutly brilliant! apart from me locking my keys in the boot! many thanks to all who tried to help and lent me their keys to try, the RAC came to my aid so I did get out in the afternoon.
    Many thanks also for my instruction laps with Barry,only 15 mins but learnt a lot, well worth doing.
    Great day with a good crowd and made to feel very welcome.
    Looking forward to Silverstone.
    Richard :)
  5. stamford

    stamford Junior Member

    Good to meet you Gary. Sounds like you had a great day. I'm still aching after that, so unfit! Some fantastic pictures taken and got a print to show off.
  6. rhancockn

    rhancockn Junior Member

    Couldn't agree more!!

    A superb day and we certainly had the weather gods on our side but it was actually nice to have the drying conditions over the day, nice to have it a bit more slippery in the morning with some better conditions as the day went on.

    Not my first track day but my first with MGOT, first at Goodwood and first in one of Dad's cars!! We both agreed we will be back!

    Thanks very much to all of the organising team, especially NigelS who was very helpful in the run up to the event, just one question; who were the event photographers on the day? I can't seem to find them mentioned anywhere, do they have a website at all?



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