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Pictures in the pits and paddock.

Discussion in 'Donington Park 4th October' started by Peter Macdonald, Oct 21, 2021.

  1. Peter Macdonald

    Peter Macdonald Active Member


    My daughter Leanne and myself had a wander round at lunchtime and we both took the set of images I have now uploaded to the "media" section. We tried to capture a good section of you all. If we missed you it wasn't intentional! Where there are doubles of some cars that just means we both took a pic. The album is open to allow anyone to add images if the wish. (I think???)
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  2. Richard Hicks

    Richard Hicks Junior Member

    Some good photos thanks
  3. Rich

    Rich Active Member

    That's a good set of pictures Leanne, oh! and Peter :rolleyes:, I was so excited on the day I forgot to get my camera out so thanks for those.
    See you next year.

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